A minister of inspiration is a minister that has become a son of God, that was born of God and not of the will of man. He or she is born of the Spirit, hears the voice of the Spirit of the Word, is led of the Spirit and speaks of the things of God and/also speaks what the Holy Spirit tells him to speak. He or she is not really a full time minister but ‘a real-time minister’ that is available 24/7. He or she can be awakened at any hour to do the will of God.

A minister speaks by the Spirit. One can hear the voice of their spirit and speak out of their spirit, but we are called to hear with our spirits and then share what the Holy Spirit is saying in a way that is understandable to the person we are speaking to. How do we know if it is our spirit or the Holy Spirit speaking? Hebrews 4:12 says that the Word of God is a discerner to discern for us whether it is our spirit’s or our imagination that is speaking.

It is extremely important that our spirit is always filled with the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit which we have in written form because it was the Holy Spirit that spoke to holy men of God to us and for us. When we fill ourselves with the Word of God, in our minds, it transfigures into ‘thought form’, which is what spirit relates to and feeds on.